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This page serves as a trampoline to various popular places in my archive. The name "shortcuts" does not bear any relation to Windoze 95 shortcuts.
Hardware vendors
  1. Matrox
  2. ASUS
  3. Western Digital
  4. Symbios/NCR
Multiplatform software
  1. NFTP -- ftp client for OS/2, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
  2. Mozilla, i.e. free version of Netscape Navigator
  3. gnuplot -- scientific plotting program
  4. File Commander for OS/2 and Windows
  5. Netscape Navigator 1.x
OS/2 software
  1. LEO mirror (1.07GB)
  2. Hobbes mirror (excluded are /pub/java and /pub/multimedia) (1.68GB)
  3. Partial mirror of
    files related to
    -- OS/2 fixes ()
    -- VisualAge C++ compiler (160MB)
    -- TCP/IP for OS/2 (68MB)
  4. XFree86/OS2 mirror (100MB)
  5. SAI archive (650MB)
  1. Copy of University of Wisconsin-Parkside lyrics archive (the original site is now closed)
  2. My own humble collection of rock/pop lyrics
  3. MIDI files for Yamaha XG synthesizers (DB50XG, SW60XG, MU50, MU80)

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