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What is stored here

The site content is primarily OS/2-oriented, although I also keep large sections dedicated to music (rock/pop lyrics, MIDI XG files). Some portions are simply mirrors from well-know Internet sites such as LEO, Hobbes, ftp.software.ibm.com; others are my own collections. You might visit our Institute archive for more complete coverage of stuff available on the 'Net.

Getting what you want

There are several ways to browse our archive. First of all, the directory tree can be easily navigated. If you already know what you want, you might try search. Trampoline for often-visited places is also available. Or you may enter archive in a way similar to plain ftp client although it's probably not the best way to look for things. Finally, you can search for new files (by default, files younger than 7 days are displayed).

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Currently, HTTP transfers are limited to files smaller than 128KB. Larger transfers have to go through FTP. If you think this is unreasonable, tell me why. Multi-file downloads, however, are always through HTTP.

Questions and comments

I welcome feedback; questions, suggestions and comments. However, I am already receiving high volume of e-mail and might choose not to answer in some cases. Please do not send me questions like "how to use this file which I found on your site" or "where can I find the best MPEG3 player for Windows95", I will not answer them. What I really want is your comments on indexing system usability and speed. My address is asv@sai.msu.su (no telephone calls please even if you happen to know my phone number).

Disclaimers and acknowledgments

This archive is maintained by Dr. Sergey Ayukov, research fellow at Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow University. The site is being run in my free time and partially even on my own money. I am not paid for it and not obliged to anyone to support and maintain it. On the other hand, I assume responsibility for the correct placement of the material. If you know that some files are copyrighted and I am not allowed to distribute them, please let me know.

The Internet link is provided by Radio-MSU and currently runs at 115Kbit/sec. Second channel is by RUNNET and is a fiberoptic link.

Archive is being run on Pentium 133MHz with 40MB of RAM. Operating system is Slackware 3.4 Linux, http server is Apache 1.1.3. Quantum Bigfoot 6.4GB and Maxtor 5.1GB IDE drives are allocated for archive files.

This software uses cgic library, copyright 1996 by Thomas Boutell.

The icon below signifies my desire to support open standards and stay away from proprietary extensions to HTML introduced by Netscape and Microsoft (in case you're interested, my preferred browser is IBM WebExplorer for OS/2 which is mostly HTML 2.0-compliant and also supports tables).

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