Blackmore's Night

Shadow Of The Moon

Shadow Of The MoonRitchie Blackmore -

Candice Night - Vocals

Pat Regan - Keyboards

The Minstrel Hall Consort:

Gerald Flashman - Recorders, Trumpet, French Horns

Tom Brown - Cello

Lady Green - Viola,Violins

Special Guest:

Ian Anderson ( from Jethro Tull ) - Flute (on "Play Minstrel Play")

Scott Hazell - Backing vocals (on "Play, Minstrel, Play")

  1. Shadow Of The Moon
  2. The Clock Ticks On
  3. Be Mine Tonight
  4. Play Minstrel Play
  5. Ocean Gypsy
  6. Minstrel Hall
  7. Magical World
  8. Renaissance Faire
  9. Memmingen
  10. No Second Chance
  11. Mond Tanz
  12. Spirit Of The Sea
  13. Greensleeves
  14. Wish You Were Here

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